LAW:9331 Field Placement: General (3 – 14 s.h.) (Fall, Spring)

Students earn credit working closely with attorneys in a wide range of placements. Field placements are designed so that students are directly involved in activities characteristically performed by attorneys in a real-world setting. Some placements are routinely offered and arranged by the law school, and others are initiated by students and approved by faculty. Some placements are local and students take them along with their other classes. Other students’ placements are full-time, located across the country and around the world. In addition to their fieldwork, students are enrolled in a seminar with other externs.

LAW:9335 Summer Legal Placement (3 s.h.) (Summer)

Student-arranged and faculty approved opportunities for direct involvement in activities characteristically performed by attorneys; in-depth exposure to the many facets of the practice of law; career exploration and professional development. Specially designed for, but not limited to, students who have just completed their 1L year. 


LAW:9322 Field Placement: Judicial (6 – 14 s.h.) (Fall, Spring)

Students work closely with a federal district court judge or state appellate judge, conducting research and drafting a wide variety of legal memoranda, orders and opinions. Students assist in hearings and perform other duties generally associated with a judicial clerkship. Students are enrolled in an associated class with other judicial externs.


LAW:9331 Field Placement: International (semester-long: various credit) (Fall, Spring)

Students explore international and comparative law in a semester away placement by performing fieldwork with NGOs, government agencies, or tribunals. Students may be placed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Kosovo. Placements may also be available at the international criminal institutions located in The Hague, The Netherlands, including the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Tribunal for Cambodia and the International Criminal Court. These court placements require application to the international organizations, and selections are made by those organizations. Placements may also be initiated according to students’ interest, subject to approval by the faculty. In addition to their fieldwork, students in international field placements are supervised in a tutorial with a faculty member.