Academic year externships may be arranged on a part-time, local basis or on a full-time semester away basis.  Students earn one academic credit for every 50 hours worked in their placement.  In addition, during the academic year, students are required to enroll in the accompanying field placement seminar class or tutorial, which earns an additional two credits.

In addition to externships that have been pre-arranged and approved by the Field Placement Program, students may seek approval for externships that they locate for academic credit.  These externships are intended to provide flexibility for experiential learning opportunities for students who have demonstrated strong interest in a specific subject area that is not met in the current experiential learning curriculum. 

Students interested in such a placement should contact the Field Placement Director, Prof. June Tai, as soon as possible to discuss the necessary approval process. 

A Few Notes on Field Placements:

  • Who can participate in a Field Placement? 
  • Externships are open to J.D. students that have completed their first year of law school.  All first year courses in the J.D. program must have been successfully completed.
  • For those externships that involve court appearances, please note that the Iowa Student Practice Rule only permits students to appear in court after they have completed three (3) semesters of law school.  Students interested in externships in other jurisdictions should review the relevant student practice rule.
  • The placement may have separate application procedures, such as background checks. 
  • Students may not receive reimbursement for compensation for their field placement.  However, a student may receive reimbursement for reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of participation in the field placement and may also accept grants, scholarships, or stipends from the College or sources other than the field placement itself.  If the placement site or anyone outside of the law school offers to fund expenses related to your field placement, before accepting these funds, please contact the Field Placement Director to determine if this is permitted.
  • The hours requirements are a minimum.  Students should start working at their placement site by the first week of classes and the externship must continue through the semester to the last week of classes.