Academic year externships may be arranged on a part-time, local basis or on a full-time semester away basis.  Students earn one academic credit for every 50 hours worked in their placement.  In addition, during the academic year, students are required to enroll in the accompanying field placement seminar class or tutorial, which earns an additional two credits.

In addition to externships that have been pre-arranged and approved by the Field Placement Program, students may seek approval for externships that they locate for academic credit.  These externships are intended to provide experiential learning opportunities for students who have demonstrated strong interest in a specific subject area that is not met in the current experiential learning curriculum. 

Before submitting applications, you must meet with Prof. June Tai to discuss your goals and interests.

Appointments may be scheduled via Calendly: Students will be limited to applying for their top three choices and careful planning will help to fit your goals to the anticipated work in the placement.

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