Based on the field placement policy, students would earn 12-14 credits over the course of the semester.  10-12 units P/NP would be earned through the field placement, which would require students to work at least 30-36 hours per week over the course of the semester.  Another two units graded numerically would be earned through the seminar class.  Students may additionally opt to complete an independent research project for 1 upper level supervised writing credit, to be supervised by the DC Program faculty instructor. 

Learning objectives for the seminar could include:

  • Examining the role of attorneys in DC, both within the federal government and in organizations working with or interacting with the federal government
  • Understanding and witnessing the function of administrative agencies and the process of federal lawmaking
  • Reflecting upon the students' collective field work experiences and how they may affect their professional identity and development

The seminar would include alumni guest speakers with experience working in each branch of the federal government and from non-profits and lobbying firms.