Welcome to the Field Placement Program!

Field Placements, also referred to as externships, are one of the College of Law's experiential learning programs.  The College recognizes the critical importance of experiential learning in creating opportunities for students to exercise and develop judgment, practical knowledge, professional skills and professional identity.  Externships involve the performance of legal tasks in a professional setting.


Primary Objectives

  • To foster self-directed learning of the application and operation of substantive law and legal doctrines, including ethics issues which arise in a practice setting.
  • To allow students the opportunity to develop selected lawyer practice skills and encourage the application of and reflection on those skills in the work setting.
  • To encourage and support the development of effective workplace strategies, including working with supervisors, to ensure your success in a work setting.
  • To assist students in the development of professional identity and career objectives in relationship to expected ethical values and demands of the practice of law.
  • To provide the opportunity to engage in a critique of legal institutions, including how well they meet their missions and provide access to justice.   

Iowa Law students have participated in the performance of legal work in

  • government or non-profit agencies 
  • criminal prosecution or defense offices 
  • state and federal judges' chambers 
  • international law offices and agencies.  

In addition to earning credit for their field work, students in field placements take a class or tutorial, led by a faculty member, designed to maximize and supplement the experiential learning.

2L students interested in gaining trial experience in a summer internship should also consider applying for the Prosecutor Intern Program.  Information about the Prosecutor Intern Program is here.